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ICONS; scifi20in20 round sixteen.
karen gillan ; fantasy
For scifi20in20, round sixteen.

20 icons | Amy Pond/Doctor Who

black and white brave crop duo faceless
love music purple simple wet

one two three four five

one two three four five

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These are gorgeous. Brave, duo, and love are my favourites.

Lovely coloring and I really like your use of text on "Music" :).
"Brave", "Purple", "Wet", "Faceless" and AC #2 are my favourites :)

These are great, I love the coloring. :)

Great icons! My faves are Faceless, Duo, and Love

Great set! I love your ACs, especially 1, 2, and 5; purple, music, and simple are also gorgeous! :D

Gorgeous icons. I especially love your coloring. Favorites are faceless, duo, brave and your AC set.

Well done!

Your set is gorgeous!
I love your whole AC, music, brave and faceless. They are just stunning and I simply love what how you cropped and colored them!

Amazing icons! I love your category set! I also really love Brave, Purple, Simple and AC2.

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