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No picspam for DotM since, well, it's late. And I didn't think of switching cap galleries when the one I used for 6x01 wasn't snappy for 6x02. INSTEAD just so I can say that I did something for this episode, below the cut is mostly bullet points with a few worthy caps. And a bit of a recap. Or whatever. I may end up liking this format better since it's not the huge picspam of doooom type and won't take me a whole day to make (well. it will, but anyway). ANYWAY.

In Day of the Moon, stuff happens. :|

all caps from here.


Amy Pond is prettier than you. SHOCKINGLY. Utah is also prettier than you, and I EXPECT a return to the lake later this series. I will be surprised if we don't see Utah again.

• The episode opens with the Team No-Spoilers of Team TARDIS... dying three months after the end of TIA. While the Doctor hangs out in Area 51. The FBI hunts down Amy, Rory, and River. Why? GOOD QUESTION. It's never explained exactly why the Doctor is in Area 51, why Amy/River/Rory have to play dead or why the FBI would hunt them down despite the fact that through-out this episode it's clear they're still working with President Nixon. This still annoys me slightly, because I think it's a plot-hole rather than the Moff-holes that will be explained. But, whatever, it was still cool.

• Rory gets shot in Arizona! I'm from Arizona so this was RELEVANT TO ME.

• I wonder if it's notable that Area 51 has fancy... black box things (the Doctor called it something like "dwarf star alloy" or whatever I AM NOT SURE) to build a prison out of?

• Speaking of the prison: lol "perfect prison" YEAH, BEEN THERE DONE THAT. I'm surprised the Doctor didn't just say "oh, been done."

Team TARDIS! ... Well. Team TARDIS + River & Canton. I SAY THEY SHOULD HAVE KEPT THOSE TWO AROUND, it would have been interesting to see the Doctor have so many companions at once! And, I mean, it's not like they don't have room in the TARDIS for more.

• The comment about Neil Armstrong's foot is strange to me, for some reason? Because in the end they actually used the footage of the moon landing, not... Armstrong's literal foot or something.

• ON AMY'S NOT/PREGNANCY: So in the TARDIS at the beginning here she says "all better". I think this is very notable! Because that's... not usually how one states "I was wrong". Saying "all better" implies... not that, I think. She does the same thing at the end of the episode: she says "I was... I mean, I thought I was." as if she knows she is but at the same time thinks she isn't. Or whatever, we knew that.

SO BLUE so creepy.

• Besides being incredibly creepy it was incredibly interesting. There was obviously more here than we ended up seeing/having explained. Firstly, did the mad man write the "GET OUT"/"LEAVE ME ALONE" messages? I assume so but it's still rather... odd. I'm guessing he did when he was not-so-lucidly mad.

• Is it a requirement that all orphanages have to be super creepy?

• ... why do the silents (I'd say "the silence" but... IDK I AM UNSURE ON THIS, specifically if the two are the same I'D BE UNSURPRISED IF MOFF PULLED IT OUT THAT THE INFAMOUS SILENCE WERE SOMETHING ~ELSE~ mostly because I expected more from them than this) sleep on the ceiling? ARE THEY PART BAT?

... what.

• I hate eyepatch lady. :| I DO, I REALLY DO. It's kind of annoying to be watching an episode and then they throw in something so random like this. I mean, obviously it's going to be explained Later, but it's just annoying. I LIKE SERIES ARCS, but this is just so... nonsensical. It feels like once you add it with the pregancy plot, the little girl plot, the Doctor's death plot, and the abandoned Lodger!TARDIS plot, it feels like it's just TOO MUCH. So it annoys me. Also, I feel bad for any casual viewers who don't follow series arcs like I do.

• SO THE RUMOUR IS she's some chick named Madam Kovarwhatever. The general theory going around is that Amy is a) in a mental institution or b) in a hospital giving birth. I've seen b written off because doctors don't usually look through a slot at you if you're giving birth, but seeing as the woman is clearly somewhat ~futuristic~ I'm willing to consider it! I'm not sure how I'd feel if it turned out that Amy is dreaming this whole season or remembering it or whatever. It just doesn't quite make sense?

• MY THEORY RIGHT NOW IS that the woman is a... whatever, but that the Amy we're watching now is a clone and the lady is a) someone who watches the clones and is maybe ensuring that she stays as Amy-like as possible/receives Amy's memories alright or b) in Amy's mind.

IDK I LIKE THE IDEA OF A CLONE!AMY. This might also explain the not/pregnancy: real!Amy is pregnant but clone!Amy is only partially showing signs of it because she was cloned from the pregnant Amy DNA. MADE SENSE IN MY HEAD.

• On the picture of Amy+baby: SO I am thinking this room is clearly Amy's room, not the little girl's or that they at some point shared the room, given the pictures of the little girl. It'd be strange if it was just the little girl's, given everything. But is the baby Amy's or is she just holding it? Given that there don't seem to be pictures of anyone else holding the baby, it'd be weird for someone to have a picture of a family friend holding their baby but not of themselves holding him/her, I think. I mean, how many people do that?

• HOWEVER, the little girl's reaction to meeting Amy again isn't the kind that screams "ARE YOU MY MUMMY?" so I don't know. Also some people are asking whether or not the astronaut!girl and regeneration!girl are the same, I THINK SO. a) It'd be so weird to have two mysterious little girls I MEAN REALLY and b) I think it seems like different girls because at the end she's sick so she looks sickly/sounds sickly. IT'S ALL STRANGE.

• On Canton shooting a Silent: literally moments before this happened my dad asked why they don't just shoot the Silents(/Silence) and then Canton shot one and it was like WELL THERE YOU GO. Even just wounding one would be better than just... continuing on and forgetting?

I FIND THIS FASCINATING. The way the child's toys are all in the center of the floor, right by Amy's transmitter.

• Rory breaks my heart. I think it's very clear he lacks a bit of sanity, given 2000 years of living as plastic, though he's still probably the most rational of the TARDIS crew.

• I've read speculation on Amy's transmitter but I think it's nothing but what we saw. Or hope it was.

• I do wonder how the little girl managed to get out of the suit (theory: Amy helped her? maybe the Silents(/Silence) helped her! maybe they weren't the ones to put her in there at all!) and out of the locked room? She's strong, or so River speculates, but why? And why did she want out of it? How did she get in it in the first place? Did she watch while Amy was dragged off? What did she think of Amy's calls for help?

• Speaking of Amy: We know that the Silents(/Silence) yanked out her transmitter and then took her to the underground Lodger!TARDIS. But we see them close the door behind them when they enter the child's room, and the girl is in there with them. And when the gang arrives, the door is closed again/still closed, with an empty astronaut suit and Amy's transmitter inside. Why did the Silents(/Silence) close the door again? Did they open it at all? Did the girl close it when she escaped the suit while the Silents(/Silence) were busy with Amy to try to block Amy's transmitter's calls for help? AM I READING TOO MUCH INTO THINGS?

• ... I had more to say but forgot. A SILENT IS MESSING WITH ME, CLEARLY.

Rory the Roman is heartbreaking.

• When Amy did the love confession thing I was... confused. I honestly wasn't sure if it was supposed to be to the Doctor or seeming like to the Doctor but to Rory. It IS strange how Amy worded it, metaphors aside. "Dropped out of the sky"? I MEAN, HOW ARE YOU SURPRISED RORY THOUGHT YOU MEANT THE DOCTOR WITH WORDING LIKE THAT. I'm not sure if it's just a weird error on Amy's part or something more, but meow.

• I WAS VERY PLEASED THAT RORY REMEMBERED THE CENTURION YEARS, even if it's only "sometimes". I've seen this speculated to be the same with Amy's pregnancy: Amy's pregnancy is like Rory's 2000-year Centurion memory, that it's behind a door that's accessed only... sometimes. Which I sort of like but at the same time don't. IDK IDK, I am just glad those 2000-years aren't going to waste.

• River examines the suit, she says that she thinks it was made for a human but that the girl must be incredibly strong. So, since we're PRETTY SURE that the astronaut!girl is the regeneration!girl, either a) the girl is only part human (this lends to the Amy/Rory's child who's been messed up by the TARDIS) or b) River was wrong. I don't think River'd be wrong. Because I trust river more than I ought to.

• ON THE "THE GIRL IS RIVER" THEORY: I'd go for this if maybe River had ~lost her memory~ of childhood, explaining why she doesn't recognize the suit. Otherwise I... think not. I think there's more to River than just that. Or want there to be more to her than just that. I would like the memory-loss idea, though! And it could be likely, given Moff's clear adoration of messing with memory.

I also like this for explaining if she was Amy/Rory's kid. Say, River was forced to forget (like her memories were locked away) after she killed "the greatest man she'd ever known", her father Rory, and therefore doesn't remember that Amy/Rory are her parents (but she knows that she knows them).

... well this cap looks creepy.

• WHAT TO SAY ABOUT AMY AND ALL THIS. I just don't know where to start.

I've seen the "you have been here for many days" questioned and I... don't know. Given that maybe the Silents(/Silence) might not even follow our reckoning of time, maybe the whole "AMY GAVE BIRTH WHILE THERE" thing could be possible but I... don't think so? Since it's the day of the moon landing and we last saw Amy not all that long before that and so far it's unsure if the Silents(/Silence) has time-travel.

And then there's the "you will bring the silence" thing which is... what. Are they talking about the TARDIS exploding? But that was last series! Are they talking about the cracks in time, unrelated to the TARDISsplosion? I DON'T KNOW. Are they talking about Amy's baby? IS THE BABY THE SILENCE, not a "Silent" but The Silence? WHO KNOWS. We certainly don't. (Which is somewhat annoying. It's hard to care about something you don't yet understand. For me, anyway. I'm just like UGH FINE DON'T EXPLAIN, JUST MOVE ON AND DO SOMETHING ELSE.)

Why do they have her in the Lodger!TARDIS? Maybe Amy or Amy's baby is who can pilot the damn thing. I don't think the Silents(/Silence) can. They seem to be poking at it, I don't know if this is because they don't understand it or are using it.

• Doctor/River & Amy/Rory forever, okay.

River Song is cooler than you forever.

• HMM. I don't know what to say on the Doctor's technical massacre of the Silents(/Silence). I do think he meant it more of a "run while you still can" thing than a "BOOM DEAD" but it is notable that this is hardly the first time he's massacred anyone, really. I think it was a last resort/only thing he could think of. How else do you fight or reason with something you forget as soon as you look away? There weren't a lot of options and his idea was awfully clever.

• Whether or not the Silents(/Silence) are evil: they have been controlling humanity "since the wheel and the fire". Uhm, even if it's for humanity's good I don't think that's something you can say is okay.

• I've seen speculation on River's "old fella" line in reference that she was talking about her father/Rory. WHICH I WOULD LIKE, if she'd said "old man" and hadn't been talking to Rory.

• River shoots a Silent that she isn't looking at. It was cool but... HMM.

River/Doctor's love is a sad one. SIGH.

• The Doctor's first kiss with River but apparently River's last kiss with him (excluding the singing towers?). Siiiiiigh.

• River made a promise. To stay in prison? It's not clear but it's assumed that's what she meant. Who did she promise? Surely not the Doctor: why would he ask her to stay there when he already knows she'll break out over and over, primarily to help past!him? I'd say her mother Amy after killing her father Rory but Amy also knows River breaks out. SO WHO/WHY/WHAT, I ASK? Hmm!

Amy: STILL PRETTIER THAN YOU. I loved her hair in this scene; mussed but brushed! ... I just always love her hair, okay.

• This scene shows why I can't ship Eleven/Amy any more: they're perfect friends. I love how grandfatherly he is toward her and how she considers him her best friend. I friend!ship them.

• Again with Amy's strange comments on her pregnancy: "At the time, I was." or something like that. EVEN SHE'S CONFUSED ABOUT IT. And we see on the scanner that she's not pregnant... or she is... or she isn't. THE TARDIS IS ALSO CONFUSED. Everyone is confused.

• Amy was/is worried her baby might have a "time head". ... yeaaaah. Considering the TARDIS' unsureness and and the possibility that regeneration/astronaut!girl is the baby, this comment is... yeah. THIS PLOT INTERESTS ME THE MOST, what is happening with Amy's baby? It also is the plot getting the most attention of the arcs, so far (followed closely by the Doctor's death).

• I am slightly annoyed the Doctor just wants to bounce off to adventures despite the mystery of the little girl/Amy's weird pregnancy? It's also strange that Amy/Rory don't say "oh, but what about the weird girl?" but I suppose a) Amy's avoiding it or her memory is faulty on it and b) Rory was too busy worrying about Amy to give a damn about a strange girl. BAH.

... yeah, so that happened.

• I'll have to do a compilation of astronaut!girl and regeneration!girl caps but I am QUITE sure that they are one in the same. Because otherwise... TOO MANY LITTLE GIRLS. :| Moff is mean but not that mean to have two similar looking girls for two different mysteries.

• So a) she's a time lord or b) she's a human with the power of regeneration. If b then she's more likely to be Amy/Rory's. If a she's possibly River/Doctor's. I like the idea of the little girl being River/Doctor's... in theory. It could go with my River's memory loss theory! WHICH I LIKE.

• Why is she on the streets of New York? How did she get there? IS THERE A REASON FOR THIS?

• Why is she dying? Is it a delayed death from the bullet impact? Is it because she left the life support!suit? Is it something else entirely.

I didn't really like this episode, though it did flow a lot better than TIA. It was okay and had some fantastic moments in it, but I'm too frustrated by eye patch lady and the regeneration girl and the Doctor's okayness with popping off on adventures to like this episode. Maybe I'll like it more once we understand everything, but until then I say "well okay :|"

It really did feel like a series finale rather than a series beginning, even with all the open-ended questions. It felt like a rudely cliff-hanger-y finale. ... I suppose we should be glad it isn't.


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