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tlok ; korra ; blue eyes
So, after much headdesking, I have myself a cap gallery. (Which isn't as pretty-ified as I'd like but golly are those theme things a pain.) And I made caps from this show, which was also a pain because I had to mess with settings but mostly because I would have liked to have capped the iTunes HD version but DRM got in my way so I went with the 350mb avi version off of here. (Of course my main pain was figuring out hosting-- which took me hours yesterday.) ANYWAY.

No .zip file because I don't know how popular those are (personally I prefer galleries, so), but if anyone happens to want one I can make one! EDIT: Now there is a zip!

AMOUNT: 2,581 caps (slightly out of order)
SIZE: 1280x720 (resized as they were capped but I don't think it caused any damage?)
TYPE: .jpg


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Yay!! Thank you for this!

Hi there. I came across this page from a search on google, and I was wondering if you'd also like to post your screencaps at my community as well?

I just launched one for Chloe and Alek here chloe_alek. You certainly don't have to, but I figured that once the community starts to grow, that these will be very useful to the members. Thanks! :)

Just found these, and THANK YOU LIFESAVOUR!!!

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