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tlok ; korra ; blue eyes
... I love how last week I was like "OH YEAH I'LL TALK ABOUT THIS WEEKS EPISODE ON TIME" and yet here I am talking about 6x03 after just watching 6x04 (which was glorious). This one is short because this episode is not ~super~ interesting.

all caps from here.


"Yo ho ho! ... or does no one actually say that?"

So, this is an episode about pirates! Which makes it automatically fantastic even if not the greatest episode compared to TIA/DotM.

Amy Pond is more awesome than you.

There were two things I loved about this episode.
1. Eleven is hilarious. 90% of his lines in this episode were fun lines. And while I was annoyed that he wanted to go off on an adventure with so many questions unanswered, I can forgive him because he's hilarious.
2. AMY POND WITH A CUTLASS/PIRATE COAT/HAT. I wish she had the cutlass/coat all the time, I REALLY DO. (And I like that coat 100 times more than the coat she wore this week, JUST SAYING.)

I do wonder how Amy would have fared against armed, not-afraid-of-swords pirates, though. I also wonder how good of a pirate she would have really made.

I think the Siren is one of the more fascinating "monsters" I've seen in this show. ... I always like the not-so-cut-and-dry ones the best, always.

And drunk-with-siren-love!Rory was HILARIOUS, okay.

It saddens me that the Doctor's hats this series have only lasted a few moments each. :|

A pirate captain in the TARDIS was interesting, though I don't know how I feel about someone from the 18th (17th? 19th? whatever) century understanding the crazy controls on a TARDIS. I'd think the navigation would be more complicated but maybe not.

I WAS FOND OF THE YOUNG BOY. He was cute and interesting. I also liked how Amy sort of protected Toby for a moment from having to learn his father was a pirate. It was sweet, okay!

Also, WTF, where did that pirate go? He was with Amy/Rory/Toby and then when the Doctor came in he was... gone. But he was back at the end? It's probably a production error but I hope it's something more, it was very strange.

The reflective thing was cool, I thought, though other people were like "BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR EYES~~" but... IDK I LIKED IT. My dad mentioned how there wasn't need to get rid of the shiny things as long as they, you know, dirtied them. Seemed rather odd.

Also, maybe I imagined this, but did the pirate who tried to run off call Rory "the screwy looking fellow"? THAT'S WHAT IT SOUNDED LIKE which amused me.





It did look like Amy went to tell the Doctor about it, and I wonder if maybe that's what she wanted to talk about in the Comic Relief bit? Since we don't know if that was anything or not.

Not one of the Doctor's best plans, tbh.

The universe... melding thing was fascinating. I think that whole thing will be important later on. Those aliens, though, they looked pretty damn dead. I wonder how long they'd been there? Longer than the pirates, surely.

I love that the ~killer monster~ turned out to be a doctor of all things. I thought that was clever.

And then Rory nearly dies again. Now, see, I don't know CPR but apparently Amy did it wrong in which case: dang it, guyyyys. I DID START CRYING, THOUGH, OKAY.

I do wonder why they didn't do it right there in the sick bay, though, rather than taking him into the TARDIS?

Siiiiigh, still with the mysterious pregnancy of wtf-ness.

I love that the Doctor tells them to go to bed (it's even better knowing now how they used to sleep!)

- Meant to be a ~fun~ episode so I don't judge it's shortcomings (... basically the vanishing pirate :| THAT'S MY ONLY REAL COMPLAINT).
- I think the blah blah about alternate universes is probably the Important Thing in this episode.


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